Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Men in 40s, Suffering from Low Testosterone Solutions


Ever look into the mirror only to realize that you have acquired the typical "middle-age figure" that is receding hairline, expanded waistline, a protruding belly and flaccid muscle ?

Yes, you could say that your new physique is the result of a lack of exercise and the ageing process. However, it could also be due to a lack of testosterone, a condition which also causes more serious health problem such as reduced bone density ( osteoporosis ), decreased libido, loss of strength and stamina, prostate disease and even emotional problem such as mood swings and depression.

All these signs and symptoms are due to the fact that after 40, men will go through a hormonal-changing phase often referred to as andropause ( the male equivalent of menopause ), where a men's testosterone levels will start to decline.

Men in 40s - Low Testosterone
Men in 40s - Tummy and Low Testosterone

Testosterone, predominantly produce in testes, is responsible for muscle growth and strength, physical growth, virility, sperm production and sex drive in men. Testosterone level peak between the ages of 20 and 40, and thereafter, a decline of 1% to 3% occurs each year after the age of 40. Stress, smoking, alcoholism and certain medications are behind the incidence of "Low T".
"Low T" in men has not gained as much attention compared to menopause in women in women because the hormone decline in men is more gradual. Men are also more reluctant to talk about their intimate problems with others.

Scientific reports have shown that not only can "Low T" lead to poorer quality of life in men, it can also significantly impact one's health and well being. Therefore, it is essential for men to start recognizing the signs and symptoms of "Low T" as early as possible. When testosterone levels decline, men will experience a significant reduction in the androgenic and anabolic activity. Both are crucial in the maintenance of male characteristics as well as confidence. Sign of low androgenic activity include flagging libido, reduced sexual drive and low fertility. Problems such as difficulty in developing muscle mass, a lack of strength, and endurance, fatigue and weakness that usually affect men aged 40 and above are caused by the reduction of anabolics functions.

As exercise encourages and increase in testesterone levels, physical activity, especially weight-bearing exercises such as weighlifting, is a sure way to regain your androgenic, is sure way to regain your androgenic and anabolic functions. Regular sexual activity also helps stimulate the body's production of testosterone.

Adopting a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are key ways to boosting testosterone levels. These include ;

* Eating small meals more frequently
* Eating healthy fats, such as coconut, olive oil or fish oil, nuts and avocado
* Eating more seeds which is full of vitamin E and Zinc such as sunflower seeds, sesame,
   pumpkin seed and flaxseed.
* Eating cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts, which reduce oestrogen and raise
   testosterone levels.
* Sleeping eight hours a day
* Reducing Stress ( stress lasting more than three months can negatively affect hormone production.
* Reducing consumption of alcohol.

The herbal approach is by far the safest non-medical option for "Low T". A Group of scientist discovered the libido-enhancing properties of fenugreek seed extract (Trigonella foenum-graecum) during a course of a clinical trial for arthritis treatment.

Participants reported an increase in libido as part of the feedback when they were given Testofen to treat their arthritis. Later on, scientist discovered that the extracts used in the trial were derived from fenugreek seeds originating from specific place in India. These seeds were cultivated under special soil, moisture and atmospheric condition which produced the type of fenugreek that had high concentration of saponins, resulting in libido-enhancing effects. That discovery coupled with the unique processing and extraction methods deployed, led to the creation of the patented ingredient Testofen. Testofen is a unique fenugreek seed extract standardised to 50% Fenuside, and is patented and owned by Gencor Pacific group Inc, in the US.

Testofen has the ability to enhance libido and improve muscle mass, properties not seen in other product.